plannerEP's Shop Announcement

ANNOUNCEMENT! On Tuesday September 10, we are scheduled to deliver baby #3. I will be out of commission for about 2 weeks and then will be a little slower with orders in the month of October. My goal is to turn them around in 7 days vs my usual 2 days.

Rush orders will be less available during that time, so if you have questions about my ability to deliver a file to you on a faster timeline, please ask before ordering.

I'll do my best to get your files turned around as quickly as possible — and I appreciate your patience in the mean time as we adjust to life with 3 kids :-)


About Us: We love throwing parties. In particular we love creating something just a little bit fancy. WIth 3 kids under 3 we don't have oodles of cash or hours to spare — but with a little imagination we believe anyone can create a whimsical and fun festivity of their own.

Every party theme we post is one we've made for someone we love. We hope you love them too. And most of all we hope you have a fabulous event.