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2 months

Sale starts now. Don't miss out. Supplies are limited.

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Great deals today! Don't miss out!

2 years

We are taking pre-orders for our lovely stamp release! We have 3 new sets-weekend, summer, & girl boss. Our classics are also up for pre-orders! We have our foodie, planner addict & coffee sets in the shop too! This pre-order round is open until 3/24/16.

2 years

Sale on Planner Addict Tribal, Foodie, and Coffee Lover stamp sets going on now! Supplies are very limited. For inspo visit our YouTube channel at youtube.com/chictags.

2 years

New Tribal, Coffee Lover, and Foodie Stamps in stock. Also Pre-orders available again for those who would like to be in on getting this years ever so popular Planner Addict Stamp set.