polarity's Shop Announcement

Polarity Lockets™ are the original magnetic, interchangeable jewelry since 2007! Fabricated by me, with love and propane, from a recycled steel auto part I turn one locket into many - and yes, they can hold a picture inside! - Olive Bites

Doing more with less is something I am absolutely committed to!

I am lucky enough to collaborate with the most amazing and talented artists to bring you the most gorgeous and unique jewelry you will find anywhere!

Find out more about me in this Etsy interview:

I believe that people have green hearts and green souls and even an occasional green thumb and want to buy green goods.

We want to save the planet, hug a tree, recycle, ride a bicycle and we want to look awesome and amazing and make our friends green with envy while we do these things - and that's where I come in!

All locket designs are available in both regular and mini size necklaces and as rings, bracelets and earrings. Contact me to set up something special just for you. I am super easy to work with.

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Check out my blog http://www.olivebites.blogspot.com for info and updates and a FREE monthly locket lid

All Polarity ™ jewelry including the changeable magnetic top is © 2007-2012 Olive Bites Studio. The images used on the lockets are copywritten by the copyright holders and used here with permission.

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