poorlydrawnthings' Shop Announcement

The Small Book of Poorly Drawn Things can be found on Tumblr. There you can see new works, get updated when a new item goes into shop and bug me about whatever feels clever.

And if you like liking things on Facebook, coincidentally I can be found there too!

Nice things people have said about my stuff:
"I love my buttons so much! Great quality, beautiful artwork, and I love the bonus mini - prints. c="

" A +++++++++++++ Super service and the products are beautiful .. many thanks!!!"

" Really beautiful! So beautiful I don't want to ruin it with my scribblings! Can an artist do too much of a good job? Maybe so!" (a moleskine enthusiast)

"This piece is exceptional! It's so pretty! I just keep staring at it. Everything about buying from you was super positive. And the fact that it came so fast. Damn! That was unreal! Everything is SO GORGEOUS and so awesomely packaged. I'll definitely be recommending yr store and buying from you again."

"I can never say enough good things about Ms. Poorly & her morbidly cute creations. She is prompt as fuuuuck, sticks a fun extra in there ("lagniappe" as we say down in the dirty south), the packaging is always nice and the product always comes out kicking as much ass as possible. I don't know what Penny looks like, but I bet she's way hot. I want to sit in her studio and eat cupcakes and watch her draw things. "

"oh lovely penny poorly. my home, sweaters, notebooks & bags are all covered with your pins stickers and prints. so sincere. so lovely. so human; sad and beautiful all at the same time. dear penny though you name yourself with light hearted self deprecation, the work you do is the opposite of poor. maybe it's the humility that keeps the work so honest and human and why i am incapable of getting on etsy without sending you money (even while unemployed). feel like a crazy super fan. but i am. or let's put it this way -- i am a true admirer of your work because it moves me and it speaks to me -- which is ultimately what is magical and valuable about artwork. even if it's a sticker or a pin. thanks penny. i'm a proud geeked out collector."

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