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Welcome to our online shop! We're so glad you're here!
New to PPP? Read below for some insider tips and be sure to read our POLICY page before placing an order. We are here to help if you should have any questions.

*SHOP/STUDIO/SHOWROOM: 139 N Castell #500 New Braunfels, Texas 78130

Here's how to understand our sections:


The bulk of our items are "ready to wear" which means they are ready to be shipped and worn as soon as they are purchased. These items are ONE of a kind and are made in only ONE size. We list the measurements and sizes for each piece on each individual listing. Once these items sell, we cannot duplicate them exactly, given that they are all one of a kind. They are forever gone. YAY for each person who snags an item, despite the fact that there is usually a customer who is left behind and bummed because they were not able to get the item quick enough! It can kind of be a bummer.
Basically, just do not hesitate if you love may not have another chance!


PPP Grounded is our newest line and is MADE TO ORDER. These items are NOT one of a kind, which means you have the option to order in your size and select your color preference. These pieces take about 1-2 weeks to make and ship out to you.


We like to consider our CUSTOM orders more of a commissioned piece of art.
For example: If a client asked an artist to draw San Francisco at night, the artist and the purchaser may have a very different interpretation of San Fran at night.

With that being said, you have TWO options as far as creating a custom piece of your own. You can provide ALL fabrics (ship them to our store location) for the design you are wanting or you can have us supply all fabrics with the purchase of a FABRIC SUPPLY FEE.

Please keep in mind that providing your own fabrics will ensure a more "exact" portrayal of the design you want (because you chose them), whereas a purchase of the fabric supply listing gives us options of our own to pick and choose from for your custom piece. Of course, you are more than welcome to note certain options and styles of different fabrics you'd like us to consider (ex: stripes, colorful, floral, etc.) when creating your piece.

If you tell us you like “earthy tones,” we will consider that, just please know some people consider beige an earth tone, and some do not. These types of details can be vague and we can only be as "exact" to your liking as the treasures we are lucky enough to discover.

A customer may fall in love with a specific version of a certain style or design, and we simply CANNOT re-produce it exactly. We are at the mercy of what we hunt and gather on our thrifting/estate sale trips. Colors, textures, etc., will vary from order to order. While it can be disappointing at times to not get exactly what you thought you wanted when you saw it in a photo or online, we promise that most of our clients agree that what they receive is even better, or more than they ever had in mind. It really is a fun and artful experience, but it is not for everyone. We are not a catalog, mass-manufactured line. We make everything in our showroom, with our own hands.

For some, getting fabrics and pieces together may be too hard to manage given their schedules and what not, so the option to purchase the FSF may be best. Others however, may want to save a little money and send in their own personal fabrics to ensure that they will get the exact patterns and prints they want. Either way, we guarantee you'll be very happy with your one of a kind piece.

From start to finish, the commissioned ordering process will take 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of the order and styles you wish to get back. PLEASE keep this in mind...We take much pride in making our items so that they WILL last a long time. Just like fast food isn't the best quality, fast or rushed production of a custom order is not ensuring the best quality either. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Again, if you don't like surprises, we kindly ask that you would supply ALL of the fabric(s) needed for your project. As stated above, you can select from the listings on Etsy under the section titled "ALREADY MADE" if you do not wish to go through with a custom at this point in time.

Enjoy your time here! I (Shauna, designer/owner) love my job and feel incredibly blessed to be able to use my creativity in this way as a means to support my family.
Lauren, the shop manager and my awesome assistant, helps to keep things running smoothly around here and is especially like-able :)
When you send us messages via Etsy, you will hear back from either her or I.

It's a lifestyle…


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