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Please if there is a design, fabric or color you are seeking please ask, I love custom orders.

"FEEDBACK FROM CUSTOMERS about their hooded scarf;

"Wow!!! I love my scarf hat!!! I am very impressed. I didn't think it would be so heavy! I mean that in a good way. It has weight to it. And the scarf part is so long, I really love it. I have to look at your site again, I don't know what gave me the impression they weren't as heavy duty. We have so much rain and snow up here. I don't use an umbrella, I will use this all the time. Thanks! Is there a place for me to make a recommendation. Merry Christmas!" Sandy Morrow, Oregon

Thanking you the hoodie is very cozy and warm and will be well worn over the winter period,your cards will be given out amongst my friends again thank you"
Ailbe Fitzgerald, Ireland

NEW......You can now purchase direct with your CREDIT CARD.
NEW....... Kids Corner, where I`m featuring some cute CRAYON TOTES for your little ones in my shop.
They make great Gifts. All come with 8 Fat Crayons,Bubbles,Coloring Page, Sun Glasses.
NEW TEAM SHOP. hoods and scarves
NEW All San Diego residents FREE SHIPPING.
THANKS to all my patrons that have purchased from me outside of etsy.
The Hooded Scarves are wonderful for CANCER patients.
Please contact me with questions for specific colors or graphics and special orders.
I love custom orders. Please View my CUSTOM ORDER PAGE FOR IDEAS.

Hello poppinbobbins,

WOW, the colors are perfect! The love the turquoise and the houndstooth pattern on the reverse side. Thank you for the 10% discount, that is very thoughtful. I just wanted to let you know I used my scootie yesterday morning and I absolutely loved it! It was so cold outside (32 degrees) when we (my husband Dave and I) arrived at our market yesterday and I put my scootie on and it kept me warm all morning. I love the hood and scarf together and that the scarf portion is long enough to wrap around a couple of times - keeping the scootie hat in place. I've tried all kinds of hats and they make my head itchy (tmi) but the scootie is much different with soft, warm fabrics and non-itchy materials that I am forever sold on the scootie's that you design and make. I love the touch of class on the scarf with your tag on it. Can't wait to get the new one. I agree with you on the smaller businesses as the customer service is much more personal. Thank you for the nice compliments about our little business. I have a floral business and I haven't been able to devote enough time to my etsy page but eventually I will get it up and going. I am a HAPPY customer. Thank you so much. Let me know when it's time for me to pay.......I will get it paid ASAP. Wishing you a nice weekend. Finally, we are getting some warmer weather in the afternoons. Talk to you soon.

S. j Connelly

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