poppyspins' Shop Announcement

Poppyspins is focused on providing useful earth friendly items with unique character and positive energy. Poppyspins rolling pins, mashers, cutting boards, and kitchen tools are unique one of a kind creations hand crafted in the U.S.A. by Poppy. Please make sure to read Character Specific notes for details and measurements on each item.

Each rolling pin, masher and cutting board is created from a single piece of natural non-chemically treated wood sustainably harvested in an eco friendly way in the U.S.A. Poppy hand harvests the wood, blocks it out, and slow dries the wood himself. Often times, the wood comes from trees, which have already reached full life expectancy or trees that have been damaged by storms. Poppy is very mindful about harvesting the wood and tries to select trees that would otherwise not make it. Sometimes people call Poppy to pick up pieces of wood from trees, which were cut down due to proximity near buildings or storm damage. Poppy thinks it's better to make something beautiful and sustainable out of those trees, rather than buy mass produced blocks of wood.

Wood variation and markings are unique and add character to each one of a kind hand crafted piece. Items are available in a variety of wood types including: Oak, Tamarack, Birch, Maple, Quaking Aspen (a.k.a. Popple in the North Country), Ash, Walnut, and Bass Wood. Each wood has different characteristics. One of a kind creations are available in natural/raw untreated wood or treated with natural beeswax and/or walnut oil.

Well made rolling pins, mashers, and cutting boards can last a very long time when properly cared for and can become better over the years. We still have my grandma's rolling pin in the family. Poppyspins items are wonderful kitchen additions for any baking, cooking, or fermented food enthusiast who enjoys unique high quality kitchen tools, and make wonderful holiday, birthday, wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, hostess, or just because gifts.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your shopping! Please let us know if we can be of further assistance in any way and send us an Etsy message if you have any questions! We are glad to help you select the perfect Poppyspins creation for your preferences.

Be Well,