posieandme's Shop Announcement

All of our things here at posieandme me are

100% Hand Made

We are proud to say we use Wool Felt for all of our tooth fairie pillows, tea sets, cupcakes and barrettes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I use only the best materials I can find for you, so buy with confidence and know that it is made to last, my toys are of such high quality they are treasured keepsake pieces!

Everything made in the USA and handstitched with care.

I thank you for stopping, now come in won't you.


Looking for supplies? Wondering where I get those cute little wool felted beads??? Well, let me share a secret with you, we make those too, and sell them over at the littleredsuitcase that is! Baker's Twine, Beautiful Ribbons, all sorts of things I know you'll just love!!! Go check out what's in the suitcase today!

Custom Orders Are Always Welcome!