possiblethings' Shop Announcement

ATTENTION; Purchases after Dec. 18 will not be delivered before Christmas. Thank you for supporting individual artists and craftspeople. Hope you all have Happy Holidays!!!!! I make lists that I head with the word,' POSSIBLES'. These can be things I plan to do , to make or paint, research or buy.
Mountain Men and Native Americans carried a 'possibles' pouch with them. What is a Possibles Pouch for? .....Possibly, "Whatever you want to carry in it". I think that fits this shop exactly.
For Sale are things I have, things I find, things I make or supplies I have collected, things I have loved and treasured and am ready to pass on.
To see much more of my artwork, please check my shop... 'the art of oneta'... seller name 2ndmoon.

What do you think is feel, to think, to make, to sell....or buy?