prettynickels' Shop Announcement

Welcome the Pretty Nickels hidey hole! There are a bazillion magnets out there in the world, but these guys right here were made with lots of heart and care. Most are one of a kind, cut directly from old books and magazines and plopped down on to some magnet. After a nice little contact paper seal they are ready for your consumption.

If this shop ever gets you overwhelmed you can always browse by section and also search for specific magnets (via the search tool in the top right corner). Just make sure this shop is selected in the drop-down menu and type in what you are looking for.

You will find two types of magnets in this shop. The rectangular and square magnets are made using strong and durable rubber magnet and are sealed with contact paper. The circular magnets are made using glass and silver neodymium magnets, which are VERY strong. [CAUTION: The glass and (specifically) Neodymium magnets can affect pace-makers if they come within 3 centimeters of one another. Just don't put the magnets right up to your heart if you have a pace-maker, and you will be fine. Rubber magnets DO NOT have any affect on pace-makers whatsoever.]

I hope you find something you love!

Thanks Very Much!


This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.