primacandle's Shop Announcement

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In my candle shop, you will find a selection of carved candles: large candles, taper candles, blessing candles, Jewish candles, unity candles ( wedding candles ). You can purchase candles in almost any color imaginable: black candles, white candles, red candles, blue candles, purple candles, green candles, and orange candles. My decorative candles are a unique solution for a wedding: in my candle shop you will find a large selection of unity candles. Beautiful wedding candle is a pledge of beautiful wedding ceremony. You can also use my carved candles as wedding décor, wedding gift!
Carved Candles is the perfect solution for home décor, interior decoration, design a room. Candle carving is a unique craft. And I think that anyone would be happy to receive this unique gift- hand carved candle.
I welcome you to watch my video on creative candle making!
Dear customer! It is very important to me that when you buy my candles as a gift for yourself, your friends or your family that they are received in time and enjoyed. Please keep in mind the lead time for the delivery of the candles:
1) I promise to make and send you your candle in 3-5 working days.
2) - Delivery to the U.S. from Israel takes 2-3 weeks.
- Delivery to Australia takes 3-4 weeks (sometimes 2 weeks, but I can not promise it)
- Delivery to Europe takes 1-2 weeks.
Thank you for purchasing my candles!