puckishclothing's Shop Announcement

Our appeal comes from the simplicity of our urban design aesthetic and the timeless elegance of our graphics. Opposed to the following traditional trends or merely biting the latest fads, we take our own road and make products we want to wear and that we'd like to see others wearing. We find beauty in the urban landscape and in the lives of our friends. We take our inspiration from living in the city running independent art spaces, playing in bands, shooting photographs, and building, celebrating, and sustaining artistic communities of like minded thinkers.

We like scheming up new products and designs as a fun, creative way to express who we are, what we feel, and all that moves us. At Puckish our hope is to inspire others to find their own creative expression.

Basically, it boils down to making stuff we think is really cool and sharing it with people!

Keeping it simple since 2005.