puddinhearttreasures' Shop Announcement

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Puddinhearttreasues is my passion I love to make handmade ONE-OF-A-KIND gift items including but not limited to knitted/crocheted scarf’s, blankets, baby items, pet items and MORE.

I also love to find unique Vintage items some to keep and others to sell.

Puddinheartreasures has a great variety of products with FANTASTIC PRICING!

Perfect for all occasions! Have fun shopping and feel free to email me if you have any questions or special requests. I do take custom orders.

All items on my shop are made and found with love, hense the name puddinheart treasures. Some of the vintage items are from my own personal collection some items I am the original owner have had since I was a kid.

Thank you again for visiting my shop come back often to see whats new and whats vintage!