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•Once upon a time when we was young, our first best friend was the teddy bear. The friend who created our imagination , vivid dream. However when we grew up, we kept our best friend in the box of the store room, and forgot how he was left. We explore the world without the vivid imagination once we had But the friend of our childhood still be alive and smaller which is easy to follow us everywhere. He still waits for us playing together again though it will never occurred. The story should be ended if the teddy bear still be at the corner of the store room and the little girl was unborn. She was born with the gift of teddy bear’s perception. She calls it as “bears in the legend). Then she changes herself to be the hunter and resumes hunting the bears in the legend to earn. There are a lot of styles of teddy bear as we have different imagination of our own teddy bear. Bears in the legend becomes the imagination following us today to remind our childhood and take our childhood’s imagination back to fight with the obstacles in daily life. Our story is ended. Why don’t you bring along with your childhood’s friend?