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Belinda Dittmer

Belinda Dittmer on Oct 20, 2016

3 out of 5 stars

Good communications with shop but this product is terrible quality. Save your time, spend a little more for the deep welled snap bases!


purplemountainbaby responded on Oct 21, 2016

This is the economy version. She said the edge was mis-shapen on 5 of the 25 she received. We checked our inventory and could not find any bent bezels. I wondered if they had gotten damaged in transit . She said they were packaged well. We try to offer a variety of items in a range of qualities. We never knowingly sell inferior items. As she mentions, we have a better quality snap bezel which is our deep well version. We also have another style which is actually a molded snap bezel which is our highest quality, sturdy metal bezel. To summarize, we have 3 versions of this snap bezel. The economy version is the cheapest. We hope this review helps shoppers evaluate their options.


Celena on Oct 20, 2016

5 out of 5 stars

As always the best top quality products out there and these guys send me my items so quickly don't know how they do it!! Great great Company!! luv luv!!

Courtney Dickson

Courtney Dickson on Oct 20, 2016

1 out of 5 stars

Received bags and half of them were TINY, and NOT at all the 3 x4 size indicated. Sure you say "some a smaller" they are less than half the size, this is not smaller, this is SMALL and a completely different size. VERY dissapointed I wasted my money on this product.. will NOT be using you as a supplier Buyer be warned...


purplemountainbaby responded on Oct 20, 2016

We take these kinds of reviews very seriously and try to re-evaluate our listings when necessary based on feedback. The buyer mentions the smaller size bag specifically here. The smaller version is exactly 3x4 and is the size the listing is set up for. We sometimes have to fill in colors from another supplier and those bags run a tad larger. We currently have 11 colors in the 3x4 and 2 colors in the larger size (white and lavender) I believe this buyer is exaggerating a bit. Our description mentions that sometimes bags will be larger rather than being out of stock of a color. The larger bags measure 3.75x4.5. Once the drawstring is pulled and the bags are scrunched the sizes are similar. No one has ever complained and some buyers actually request the larger size if available. We are very so sorry whenever someone is unhappy.