Simple things for cats lovers- clocks, mugs & others

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Logos don't grow on trees

Cat people gifts in good taste

Imagine someone visiting you. Knowing you're a cat person, he/she brings you a small gift- cute cat made of glass. Or bigger one- carved from wood and painted blue. You look around your modern, austerely furnished flat. Yes, you don't own any glass cats. But it doesn't mean that you have to. You hate having things just to get dusty. The only thing that can catch the dust is your lazy fat cat lying on the floor all day long.

Sounds familiar? I had like that. All the stands at each cat show I visited, were full of tinsel, useless cat gadgets. Even if I wanted to buy something cat-related , for me everything was completely tasteless .

I started with looking at my cats. Their heads are huge, round, with small ears. Nature is the best designer. I sort of stole the shape from Her... ;-)

I cut out first wall clock, designed first print for mugs and I was happy with the effect and with people saying that this is soooooo different. Some of them are constantly waiting for new items - it seams that after few months of work I have regular customers, so I cannot get lazy, as my cats. I have to prepare new collections regularly. I cannot loose any prospective profits, can I?

Yes, I'm purrfidious :D
owner, designer, maker, curator
Several years of working as a designer and product manager in big fashion companies can make you think about designing something else than clothes... What could you do being a cat person? ;) I decided to go purrfidious :D