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Qrhinestones, where Q stands for QUALITY

Hello and welcome to Qrhinestones! where Q stands for QUALITY!

I hope your search for quality rhinestones stops at my shop.

This shop is run by me (Emily) and is located in Hong Kong. I love all things bling, shining, shiny, sparkle, luminious ....! I also love working on bling decoration for everything which you can imagine, from phone cases, cosmetic cases, photo frame, glasses, car plate, perfume bottles, music box, handbags, kettles, vacuum cleaners, etc..etc... I enjoy the satisfaction on having completed a perfectly decorated crystal piece.

Few years before, I did custom made orders on phone cases decoration, I also taught some classes on bling decoration for teenagers and moms. At that time, in order to bring the best value to my customers, I have been diligently sourcing for the best rhinestones replacement to Swarovski, not only because of its expensive costs, but I also wanted to make bling decoration be a more affordable hobby to more people.

Thanks to the nice location of Hong Kong, I have successfully connected with some rhinestones manufacturers in China whom are able to produce very high quality crystal rhinestones, which are almost looking as good as Swarovski. This shop started as a way to sell off excess rhinetones from my bling decoration classes, and now I am working hard on this and hopefully one day it will become my full time job!

To be frank, Swarovski has always been the best crystal manufacturer in the World, I have no intention to tell my customers how good my rhinestones as compared to Swarovski, because the quality of Swarovski is always unbeatable. However, I'd like to provide my customer an alternative choice of high quality rhinestones when they want to do it in a more affordable way, or when they don't have much budget on it.

What can you get from Qrhinestones?

I am super passionate on what I am doing, and I'm very strict on the products the shop is selling. So, at Qrhinestones, We only sell HIGH QUALITY rhinestones which are made of CRYSTAL (glass), We do not sell cheap resin rhinestones or plastic rhinestones. So, as a customer, you can be rest assured that you are getting the best quality rhinestones for the price you paid for.

Good customer service and communications is also something which you can expect from us. I always try to reply all the questions as soon as possible. But since I'm located in Hong Kong (GMT+8), customers from Eastern Time Zone may experience some delay. I'll try to answers all questions as soon as I get online on the next day.

Thank you to my wonderful customers and I hope all of you have enjoyed shopping at my store.

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