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Welcome to a world of ukuleles, musical instruments, bicycles, people and life! The gallery features a prolific selection of prints, greeting cards, sculptures and the Ukalaliens® Songbook: A Beginner's Guide to Ukulele Fun, through the eye, pen and imagination of artist-musician, Steve Einhorn.

Prints from the original are printed on an Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer on 8.5"x11" archival quality paper. Custom sizes and prints are available on a selection of papers.
We also offer framable 5"x7" card versions of the drawings, photos and sculptures in the "Print" sections of the gallery. Originals are also available for sale. Inquiries are most welcome via email to folks [!at]

Artist Bio:
Illustrator, sculptor and musician, Steve Einhorn, was born and raised in metropolitan New York and has been a Pacific Northwest resident since 1978.

Owner of Artichoke Music in Portland, Oregon for twenty-five years, Steve was the purveyor of musical instruments of every description. A life's work in musical instruments endowed Steve with unique take on how to turn anything into art you can play.

Commissioned by the McCarter Theatre to create a cigar-box violin for a stage production, combined with the gift of a guitar made by a Zimbabwean boy from a tin can, bicycle brake cable and a single plank of wood, compelled Steve to recycle his vast collection of instrument parts and found objects and build playable sculptures.

"Ukes without Borders" is the slogan and intention fostered by the Ukalaliens® (created by Steve Einhorn & Kate Power) manifested in the repurposing of guns for ukes in the "Guns for Ukes" program, one of Steve's many side projects. In exchange for a suitable gun, you get a ukulele and are taught how to play it. Steve Einhorn has completed the first rifle-to-uke playable sculpture. It is a .22 rifle Steve sculpted into an elegant slide ukulele with a pick up and stand, all of the gun parts function as part of the musical instrument. Details and photos are soon to be released so stay tuned. For more info, contact folks [!at]

The combination of ample stock of junked instruments, body parts and found objects along with Steve's artistic bent to turn one thing into another - he has rmixed them into consummate one-of-a-kind playable sculptures, each with a distinctive voice of its own.

Steve's mentors include Thomas Lord at the Museum of Modern Art school in New York City (1966-1967); Benny Andrews at the the New School for Social Research in Greenwich Village, New York City (1967-1968); painting with Walter Groer, drawing with Bernard Sachs and sculpture with Chuck Waldek at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Steve Einhorn's work has been exhibited in galleries, museums and private art shows. When Steve's not in his art studio, he tours as a musician, author and teacher with wife and music mate, Kate Power.

For more information about the music and art of Steve Einhorn, please visit Inquiries welcome. All rights reserved.