quattro's Shop Announcement

Here you'll find true premium quality jewelry for the hair - and the spirit. Quattro products feature the finest quality hair sticks, hair forks and related accessories with hand cut gemstones and hand made sterling silver, copper and brass settings. Whether it's one of a kind or a standard in functional performance, all my work is based on innovative design together with old world craftsmanship.

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Resizing: for as long as I can remember, I have offered a no charge resizing policy for new purchases. Recently, there have been many requests for resizing items I made years ago, purchased second or third hand on one of the swap boards, and even items made by other sellers. To avoid being tied up with free services that take time away from regular orders, there will now be a resizing fee for items sold over 30 days and those not purchased from my shop of $14 US and $18 international which includes return shipping.

If you're new to etsy, there's something you should know.....
Most etsy sellers operate their shops with honesty and integrity, hoping to build a long term following based on the quality and uniqueness of their hand made products. Then there are the unscrupulous vendors commonly known as 'copycrafters' or 'pirates' who attempt to defraud for profit by copying other seller's designs and selling them as their own. These copies are often inferior, as the pirate rarely has sufficient knowlege of functional elements or material quality that went into the original design. For a more detailed look at this issue, feel free to visit