quecraft's Shop Announcement

"Que is a wonderful, high-integrity seller; her products are beautiful, carefully crafted, and arrive safely and quickly. Quecraft is the gold standard of Etsy shops! I will continue to buy from this shop when I want artisanal jewelry of the highest quality." (Valeriaoe)

"Unbelievably gorgeous and chic -- very much like a certain high end designer's necklace but (I think) better because it is simpler and more elegant. Once again Quecraft produced a stunning necklace that will get lots of compliments. I love this shop!! A+++++++++++++" (Valeriaoe)

"Getting your order from Que is like Christmas -- the bracelet was perfect and gorgeous. Que is a wonderful seller who always works hard to make your buying experience a wonderful experience." (Valeriaoe)

"I am normally wary of ordering internationally, but the high number of positive feedback convinced me, and I am so glad I did! It is so pretty, I have gotten many compliments on it." (Nickysmama)

“… Que is such an awesome person to work with. I highly recommend anything that she puts up in her shop.” (Esmahlik)

“… But I had to say that I have never seen anything like these items. I was actually in tears when I saw them in my hair…” (Mandtowen)

“My mom gasped when I gave her this. It's even more beautiful in person than in the pictures!...” (Tink7300)

“BEEEE-U-TEEE-FULL!!! I wore this recently for a dance performance and got so many compliments!!...” (Shellyhamizzle)

“… I still can't believe the low prices I bought them for! Definately worth every penny. Can reccomend this seller 200% in every way.” (Buraqina)

“Another wonderful purchase from a great vendor. These are a favorite in my gift shop!” (LiquidLaceDesigns)