rEVOLV3rApparel's Shop Announcement

Welcome to rEVOLV3r Apparel, your place for custom apparel and art. All pieces were designed and created with care by me right here in the good ole US of A. If you'd like to make a real statement with your wardrobe,or on your walls, these are the pieces for you!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For some reason my colors image isn't loading onto the site. Please refer to an older piece with the colors available if you can't see them on a newer listing. Sorry for the glitch. I'm working on it.

I just opened a shop over at! You can now purchase apparel with my designs on them! Check it out!*



All Wall decals are made from durable vinyl rated to last 5 years outside and virtually forever inside. These are easily applied to any smooth clean surface and will instantly transform any space you put them on. Note: All decals will be done in black gloss unless another color is selected. Decals are 1 time use only. Not like fathead. Once you decide to remove them that's the end of their lifespan.

Application Tip: Each piece is sent in a mailing tube so it's a good idea to lay the piece on a table for a few days to allow it to flatten out, making installation a much smoother undertaking.