radusport's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Alina Ionescu Design!
Uptade sept 30 : I am working on new designs and try to list new items daily, so pls stay tunned !
I hope you will enjoy Shopping and visit for new designs !
hello , hello, enjoy Shopping !
Update 9 july : I will list new items soon!
update 1 july, because most of my customers are from the US and i want to celebrate with you the 4th of july
update 14 june: i list new items almost daily, so don't be a stranger, visit !
Update 23 may: Back from Dracula Castle, i am here again and ready to start new Projects, my mind is packed with ideas !
update 17 may: I will take a short trip to Bran (Dracula ) Castle, i will be back on 21 may. All orders will be shipped then. I do hope to take some gorgeous pics at Dracula Castle !!!
update 29 April : i do take custom orders for bridesmaides and brides, from Dresses to Accessoires, just convo and lets talk about it!
update 27 April ; I work on a new line of upcycled slip Dresses, so stay tune if you like cream, mint, Baby blue lace , layers and frills!
Update 3 jan:Happy New Year guys! I will list new designs soon.
update 6 dec: i try my best to list new items daily so i hove you will add my shop to favorites and visit me.
Make sure that you will read my interview on Jack Wallen's blog!
And if you are there , make sure that you check out Jack Wallen 's books and Zombie Radio. This man is such a Talent, and such a Inspiration!
e 3 oct : i will post soon some amazing upcycled fall fashion items and more arm warmers and gloves, so stay tunned!
Update 31 aug; I am back from my trip and my head is full with new projects that will come to life soon, i hope you will keep an watchfull eye on my shop.
Update 3th August
I started working on the Halloween costumes.
This year my Inspiration for Halloween costumes are the dark, gothic vampires, so there will be manny black items, with lace, layered skirts and collars, fairys in earthy and bright Colors and my beloved Daenerys Targaryen. Most of my work matches a size medium, but i am open for custom orders for Halloween costumes!Just drop a convo and ask because soon i will be too crowded with custom orders!
I know is stil time, only i do ask you to think that i shipp from Romania and in october the mail will be bussy and shipping will take btw 3 and 4 weeks.

Pls do be paciente and bare with me, i have a lot of Projects ,and work is towering in front of me. Dont be ofendet if i ansewr on your convo only later. I ansewr each one myself.
I am a one woman Show)))
Ist a new year and i have tones of new Projects, so if i will gett 15% of them all done, i would be happy!
I am always glad to gett convos and Feedback from my beloved customers(future, past and present)
My work just gott featured in Fashion Faces. Check it out in the article abouth my lovely friend , Brande Wilkerson , the skirt i made is on page 41 of the august issue.
and here the white dress is made by myself
I do love my work, and i am so happy to have the chance to share the results of my labour with you.
Welcome and enjoy shopping
I list new items almoust each day.Most of the items are one of a kind, so make sure to buy if you really fall in love with something)
i try to keep the shipping cost low for all my customers.
I need to raise the shipping charges because romanian mail raised them. I always try to support a part of the shipping from my profit.
Blog abouth my shop and gett a discount on the next order.
i dont hessitate to ask if you need some help with matching my listed items, i can work also as a stylist)
need help at check out? just use this link as a help
i have moved back to romania and i am happy to be again inspired from the old culture .
i cant find a word to define my style, i find 100.
i love steampunk, victorian, gypsy and everything shabby chic.
i love lace , and vintage fabrics and i am a free spirit. my soul is free, i am a litle bitt of a steampunk gypsy.
i work on a new litle colection, and i will post first on facebook..
i am the designer and maker of each thing that you will find in my store. i love vintage fabrics, and each time wenn i find something vintage thats speaks to me, i salvage it.
my designs are a mix btw steampunk, victorian and marie antoinette goes urban.i believe i wearable pieces, that can be washed and loved for a long time..
each item is made in my atelier, with love, pacience and my litle shit-tzu dog named pisik(that means cat, its just my sense of humor)
we dont smoke, i work in a smoke free dog also dont smokes)))
i do belive in comunication, pls be paciente with my creative english .