ragga's Shop Announcement

This webstore is an extension of the Knitting Iceland website.
Here you can buy exciting knitting items directly from Iceland.

Our knitting kits:
The first kit we offer for sale is for Freyja, a lovely cardigan made with un spun Icelandic lopi. Freyja comes in 10 sizes ranging from Xs to 6X - pick the right kit for your size. We ship the wool to you directly from Iceland.

Our hand dyed pure Icelandic wool:
Nammi means “candy” in Icelandic. The vibrant and luscious colors makes us knitters feel a bit like kids in a candy store.

Ragnheiður Eiríksdóttir designed and developed nammi for Knitting Iceland. She started her tiny yarn-dyeing operation in her kitchen in Reykjavík, Iceland.
This is what Ragga says about how it all started:
"I wanted to do something funky and fun to the lovely Icelandic one ply, lace weight wool known as Einband or Loðband. So Nammi was created in vibrant summery colors irresistable to knitters. It knits up lovely for shawls, hats, sweaters or whatever you like."

The dyeing process has a nice effect on the wool. It seems to "open up" a little bit, becoming somewhat softer and fuzzier. When knitted up the garments gain a soft and wooly halo.

About the Icelandic wool:
The Icelandic wool is really kind of special. The breed of sheep around here is very old, got isolated at the time of the settlement, around the year 874. So these furry creatures have remained the same ever since. The wool has two different types of fibers, þel (pronounced thel, with the “th”sound as in thorough), which is the warm, soft, isolating stuff closest to the body and tog, the long water repellent fibers on the surface. So the wool has unique qualities being warm, soft, very light and water repellent at the same time.

Please hook up your Nammi and Knitting Iceland projects on Ravelry and follow our website for some more patterns and kits.