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Hi friends, I'm going to have to close up my requests list for a while while I deal with my backlog. I've been busy and am about to start internships, so I'll need some time to get through all the ties I've promised people and settle into clinical veterinary work. Sorry about that, please bear with me and I'll be back taking more requests soon.

I've been finding that some messages are being eaten by cracks in time and space, so if you find that I'm not replying please feel free to email me (

I'm also now on facebook:

raggedybearcat's Shop Policies


I generally send by normal post, and ties will usually reach overseas destinations in one to two weeks, and Australian destinations in around one week. I'm currently living on campus a fair distance from a post office, so it may take a few days for me to get your purchase in the mail, as I don't have a car (and university tends to end after the post office closes). I most often get to send things on Mondays.

Additional Policies and FAQs

- FAQ -

- Why are there no bow ties here?
If there aren't any bow ties in the shop it's because I haven't made any recently that aren't by request. I put ties up here if I've had a chance to make them and they don't already have an owner. I'll eventually have more up, but I have no idea when.

- Can you make me a bow tie?
Yes, yes I can. I'd really like to too, since I paint as a form of stress relief. The only thing standing in my way is my ~42 hour a week uni course, which means that I don't really get much relaxation time. As such I've got a bit of a backlog of requests. I'm moving slowly through them though, so if you're willing to wait I will eventually get to you.

- Can you make me a bow tie for [x] date?
Hopefully? I get a little leery if the date you're giving is less than three weeks away. It takes around 8 hours to finish a tie and I can usually squeeze that time out of my evenings, so I can usually finish at least one tie a week. Getting to a post office is a little more complicated because my uni timetable is horrible, but I can usually send things on Wednesday/Thursday or on the weekend. It then takes two weeks by normal mail, though there are quicker (and more expensive) options.

Other things to think about are what colour bow tie you want (I only really have spare black ones, and it takes up to two weeks for other colours to get to me), and what colour paint you want (as I can only go shopping for paint on the weekend).

I'll send as soon as I possibly can once I get payment in order to get the tie to you quickly, but if there are less than three weeks to go when you request a tie I would probably encourage you to go for quicker shipping, and if it was less than two weeks to go I'd be really uncertain about the chances of getting it done in time.

- What do your bow ties say?
Buggered if I know c: I make up the design as I go along. The BBC hasn't released an official Gallifreyan dictionary, so there isn't much to go on from them, and I'm not hugely comfortable borrowing too heavily from the fan-made systems if I'm going to be making money out of the whole thing. I can play around with them if you do want that though, so let me know. I just lean more towards making things aesthetically pleasing to me and hoping they will be to you too.

- How much do your bow ties cost?
The bow ties are generally $39. The only time this would change is if I had to buy another colour of paint (different coloured bow ties don't cost me any more). I generally charge an extra $5 for new coloured paints.

Shipping to Australia is $1 and internationally is $3.

- What paints do you use?
I paint with Lumiere by Jacquard, which is a very fancy name for very nice paint. At present I have hi-lite blue and purple and metallic bronze and silver. I am able to get any of the other colours in their range, though I can only go shopping on the weekend when I am back in the city.

See here for their full range:
You can see the blue, bronze and purple paints here (unfortunately I did not have the silver at the time):

- Are your bow ties washable?
You shouldn't need to wash them, but yes, they are dry cleanable. They're silk so I wouldn't advise sticking them in a washing machine. But I set the paint before I send them, so they should be fine (you can iron them on a low heat under a bit of cloth to get rid of any wrinkles. This is how I heat-fix them when I finish painting).

- How do I tie a bow tie?
Here is my favourite bow tie tutorial:
I like to have every step because my spatial skills can be a bit wonky, and steps eight and nine are skimmed over in many how-to guides. They really helped me, so they may help you.

Last Updated October 12, 2012