rainetomoe's Shop Announcement

UPDATE: I'm back! I know my shop has been very bare for the last few months but I am working on fixing that. I will have leftover product from conventions and some new stuff up on my shop just in time for the holidays.
Thanks to everyone that has purchased items from my shop. It makes me happy knowing that people like my hand made goods.

Pony Plushie FAQ

I have been getting quite a few requests for pony plushies so I decided to write up and FAQ for anyone interested in a plush.
First of all my plushies are all fan made with patterns that have been drafted by my friend and I and other artists I have purchased patterns from. They are all fan made ponies as I am in no way affiliated with Hasbro.

Q - Can I request a custom pony plush from you?
A - Of course! I am always willing to bring your pony characters to life in plushie form.

Q - Why are your plushes so expensive?
A - The reason my ponies are expensive is because first of all they are made from minky which is expensive and can be hard to find in the right colours which means the fabric needs to be ordered from US Shops and the shipping is quite a bit.
Second it takes time to draft, test, and cut patterns and it takes hours of sewing, stuffing, and detailing each pony. I don't expect other artists to work for less than minimum wage and I respect myself as an artist to not work for minimum wage myself.

Q - If I order more than one pony from you can I get a discount?
A - Please see previous question.

Q - Do you sell more affordable pony plushies?
A - My beanie plushies are on the less expensive side starting at $30. I can also make plushies from other fabrics like fleece and felt to lower the cost of a plush. Though the cost reflects how much time goes in to making the plush more than the fabric itself.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.