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My style is very characteristic and people are usually identified quickly. I try not only cause visual impact and also convey a message, idea, purpose.I perceive the tattoo as a form of artistic expression. Many of the artists I follow not only deal with tattoos, but they are also very good at other types of art. Lola Garcia, Seth Wood, Dr. Lakra, , Annie Frenzel, Sebastian Domasche, Matthias Boechtter, Ryan Mason or Amina Charai are excellent tattooists, great artists and friends.
It is difficult to identify what my style, it’s usually quite changeable and I like to have different sources of inspiration. I love the historical motives and many of my works are steeped in it. The world wars, the Victorian era, the American 20’s ,… attempt to combine many of my illustrations. I like to shake consciences, give some thought and religion and politics are also present in my work.


I take Paypal as a payment method.
The item will be shipped within 3 days since the order was placed.


I usually use the Spanish post services. Certificate option with international tracking service

Refunds and Exchanges

The refund will be possible if the client can prove the item was damaged, lost,...

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