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Raoul Gardette is an anglo/french artist splitting his time between the two countries. He is primarily a charcoal artist, and actually makes his own charcoal from the 'fusain'. This is the spindle tree. All artist quality charcoals were once made from the wood of this tree, which was favoured greatly by the Old and Modern Masters like Degas, Van Gogh, Picasso, and many more.They loved its rich blackness and smooth flowing action on rough hand-made papers
Although most commercial drawing charcoals are now made from the more profitable willow, Raoul continues to make his own 'fusain', which he considers superior. On a small scale, he also makes it and sells to other artists.

His own artwork is very diverse ranging from traditional landscape to not so traditional landscape through to minimal compositions of whatever takes his interest.

Oils, watercolours, acrylics, charcoal and ink, and something of a speciality, 'fumage'. Drawings with candle smoke. Hard to describe the ethereal effects of this technique, so please take a look at some works on this page.

The Surrealists used 'fumage', but in a more abstract way. Raoul uses it in a figurative way that leads to semi-abstraction.

Only original drawings can be bought on this site, but all sizes of prints are available to purchase online at:

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