RaritysBoutique's Shop Announcement

Rarity's Boutique will re-open on May 5th! Be ready for new designs as well as old favorites! :D In the mean time be sure to follow Rarity's Boutique on Facebook!

**PLEASE visit my Facebook Page! :D I answer a lot of questions there and am constantly updating it with new info, including when I will be re-opening, what designs I have available, and for how much ^_^ It's also an easy place to ask me questions!**

How Rarity's Boutique works: At the beginning of each month on a specific date, Rarity's Boutique opens about 40 commissions. Once those slots are full, the store closes until the next month! Which designs are available that month is announced on the Rarity's Boutique Facebook page either 1-2 weeks before re-opening!

Rarity's Boutique has only just started doing this to ensure customers get their hoodies within a reasonable amount of time!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.