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My etsy shop will be closed until April as I prepare to launch all new designs! My main site raveneve will remain open and all of my popular costume jewelry will be available there for now. It has been a great 10 years selling on etsy and I hope for 10 more. However, after months of soul searching, I have decided that my commitment to hand making every single piece of jewelry I design is integral to my company and my brand. But there are limits to how much one woman can make with her own two hands! So I am gearing down and pulling all of my creative efforts into making fabulous, elaborate, one of a kind, fine jewelry and accessories. My life's goal is to make the most uniquely beautiful jewelry in the world NOT the most jewelry in the world. And please know, if you bought something from me, I made it just for you with my own two hands and I thank you SO MUCH for supporting my shop. It means so much to me and I could not do it without you. I really hope you love my new work because like everything else I do, my heart is 110% invested in it. XOXO, Emily

Most Items ship in 7 to 10 business days. You can also click you etsy invoice to see your "will ship by" date. I strive to make a great product and give great service. Have an issue? Let me know ASAP. I care very much about your order and will always go above and beyond to help out my customers. Praise? Problem? EMAIL ME! <3 I'm really nice and I care about your order!

Featured/ Worn by:
Kat Von D
Whoopi Goldberg
Courtney Love
Margaret Cho
Vamps (2013 film)
and many other TV shows, films, celebrities, bands, etc yeah!

My etsy shop Ravenevejewelry and my main site are the only two legitimate places to buy my work. Please know that all of my items are ONLY MADE by my hands ( very busy hands at that ) and that if you see my photos or jewelry for sale anywhere beside my etsy shop or my main website, that you are being scammed. I have been vetted twice and am not a reseller. My designs are unique and popular and my pictures and designs are stolen all the time. Please alert me if you see fakes or stolen pics! <3

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CAUTION! All Raven Eve products are not intended for use by children 14 or under, contain small parts that could be potential choking hazards, and may be harmful if swallowed.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.