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Genuine Handmade! Armor Rings Featured on The View. All of my rings, chokers, headdresses, headpieces, are handmade in the USA by myself alone. New exclusive items will be added weekly! Most Items ship in 7 to 10 business days. You can also click you etsy invoice to see your "will ship by" date. I strive to make a great product and give great service. Have an issue? Let me know ASAP. I care very much about your order and will always go above and beyond to help out my customers. Praise? Problem? EMAIL ME! <3 I'm really nice and I care about your order!

My rings were featured on The View / Whoopi's Favorite things
Featured/ Worn by:
Kat Von D
Scout Taylor-Compton
Bai Ling
Courtney Love
Margaret Cho
Amanda Bynes
Vamps (2013 film)
and many other TV shows, films, celebrities, bands, etc yeah!

I do not give away my work for people to "review". Any convos sent to me asking for free jewelry for XYZ get marked as spam. I am trying to earn a living and the few times I did give jewelry for reviews , I might as well have taken a hammer and smashed the jewelry. I would have at least gotten more "hits" from that!

My etsy shop Ravenevejewelry and my main site are the only two legitimate places to buy my work. Please know that all of my items are ONLY MADE by my hands ( very busy hands at that ) and that if you see my photos or jewelry for sale anywhere beside my etsy shop or my main website, that you are being scammed. My designs are unique and popular and my pictures and designs are stolen all the time. Please alert me if you see fakes or stolen pics! <3

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CAUTION! All Raven Eve products are not intended for use by children 14 or under, contain small parts that could be potential choking hazards, and may be harmful if swallowed.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.