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Showcasing some of Ravenari’s desirable original illustrations.

Here you will find the magical artwork of Ravenari, an artist who has been producing spiritual, shamanic and narrative artwork in her unique style for over 7 years, with a further 5 years of experience on top of that. Ravenari enters a light trance state in order to commune with her subjects and determine composition and colours; this is a spiritual skill not offered by many artists, and means that her pieces are powerful enough to be used as meditation anchors, visualisation guides, energy boosts or as a way to invite the energy of the totem animal into your home.

Ravenari has been a practicing shamanist and totemist for over ten years. Recently, she has started offering animal totem readings with a unique oracle deck that has over 220 cards and is still growing.

Ravenari frequently works with animal totems that are rare and may never have been illustrated before. Ravenari also works with other subject matter from time to time, having produced book covers, steampunk and dieselpunk illustrations, narrative pastel works, and creating mythological creatures within her mediums. If you are interested in a particular style Ravenari has executed, that is not found here, please convo her to check her availability.

Currently showcasing some of Ravenari's desirable original illustrations.

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