Australian made spinning batts & handspun yarns!

Fun for spinners at Bendigo Sheep Show 2012!
Hand dyed silks
Squishy scarves
My wheel and I hard at work
Market stall goodies

Etsy helps subsidise my crafting addictions..

My house is full of all kinds of craftiness - bags of alpaca and sheep fleeces, dyes, silks, spinning wheels and so forth.

Etsy gives me an outlet to share my creations with you, and to help you create!

You can catch me at craft markets around Melbourne, and I'm at the Bendigo Sheep Show each year for the annual "omg SO MUCH FIBRE" shop-a-thon!
owner, maker, designer, curator, Fibre-hoarder
I'm destined to become a crazy cat lady.. I've recently ordered the crazy cat lady starter kid which contains 12 cats. We will see how that goes and move on from there.