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Welcome!..♥...Sale/Dragonflies!..Shop by Sections to the LEFT<<...I make and design my unique items not available elsewhere!.. Everything is handmade in the U.S.A..My items: Gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation, New Home or New Apartment or for any occasion! Buy what you desire!..I paint in summer and wire wrap etc in winter! ;o)
...Please note ... I will be taking some items off to sell elsewhere at a shop for Christmas Holidays.....I am presently selling at The Silver Chest in Manchester, CT. Street address: 789 Main Street...Tel. 860-896-5909. Call ahead for hours.
My Links:
......Here you can see more 'Photos' my original dragonflies and other items created.
(It is a link for me and my creations) I have posted some of my polymer clay horses that I have sold also. See other links below.
More of my photos are at:
etc here plus check my Gallery on see some really beautiful photos around the world!
More creations here:
At photos are also on some home products. Visit my shop at:
There are photos of an appy horse, flowers, etc on mugs, mouse mat, jewelry box, journal, tshirts. cards, calendar etc.
There are photos of my hydrangea photo on items.
Here is a 'new' shop also:
Here I have my new shop with my 3d Mini-Monets on lots of useful items as above.
Thank you all for adding me to your treasuries!.♥..Thank you for visiting. I hope you find something you will love!
♥♥♥ My Quote: "You can create anything you want, if you put your mind to it! Use the force!". My items are one of a kind. *Check My Favorites Items...and under my Profile... see my own Treasury Lists!... there are some beautiful items and photos here on Etsy!

.♥.Note:...Most of the time I use enamel coated (non-tarnishing) wires on my dragonflies, pendants and bracelets. Use sun indirectly or very little each day. Just remember the sun will fade just about anything over time. Just contact me with any questions. I will be happy to help. Thank you.
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♥♥♥Shipping: First Class Mail is $2-3.50. Contact me if you wish a tracking# to be added to your item. If you want Priority Mail, please contact me. I can add several items in the box. I can ship USPS Priority Mail for $5.80 not over 1 lb. up to $5.95, for 2 lbs up to $10.20. It really depends upon >>your Zone location. Note: According to USPS- Insurance is now included with Priority Mail plus a Tracking #..... Contact Me .. 'Before'.. Checking Out if you wish Priority Mail. Thank you. Other countries contact me.

♥♥♥All my items are my original creations and they are Keepsake Treasures! They are all Handmade by me. Buy 'Made in America' . Handmade items make very special gifts! ...They are little treasures for you to admire all year long!
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♥♥♥Fortune Cookie: "Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."
Please read my profile. These make great gifts for you or someone else for any occasion.
My shop items: I have made many different items. Please see below:
♥♥♥WIRE>>New>>my handmade wire wrapped Mini-Dragonfly Pendants which are very petite and my dragonfly KeyFOBs and my new Beaded Crystal Dragonflies with Chains.
♥♥♥WIRE>> My Handmade Dragonfly Ornament/Suncatchers.
♥♥♥WIRE>>My Handmade Jewelry Wire Wrapped Necklaces/Bracelets - these take more than one hour. When I wear one of these wire wrapped necklaces or bracelets I made, I gets lots of compliments!
♥♥♥WIRE>>My handmade Wire Wrapped Animals -Cats, Dogs, Wolfs, Sheep etc. These can take up to an hour. Prices range from $25 and up. Price determines how I feel about them. It also depends on how much wire I use and how long it takes me. I try to do a good job. I have my favorites or keepers too. I wish I could show you them!
♥♥♥YARN>>.. My Handmade Yarn Amigurumi Crocheted Kittens - I crochet from a pattern which I have changed slightly. (They can take up to1 1/2 to 2 hrs to create a solid color of one kitten. Calico kittens take longer 2 1/2 hrs plus. Black curly yarn kittens take even longer since black is hard to see.) They make nice gifts for Pet Lovers? Shower gifts for the baby, etc. They can also be used as pincushions.
♥♥♥POLYMERCLAY>> My Handmade Horse Head Pendant/Necklaces are my original creations. These can take up to 1 hour or more. The pendants are lighter... than the Horse Head STATUES/ Vase with tiny flowers. Prices: for blended custom horses $24-34 ; $34.00 and up for thick horses or with long silk manes. I usually only create these when the weather is warmer since my oven is outside for the fumes.
....Please note: In regards to my painting on the back of my pc horse heads. The designs were found on the public internet. I am also stating that I am not a Native American. The designs were painted by me, just for the fun of painting and the fact that I like their designs!...please understand this is for the love of Art and Horses!
♥PC Barrettes: Handmade pc barrettes with added crystals. Barrette backs are usually Made in France.
♥♥♥FABRIC>> My Handmade Wallet Wristlets take 2-3 hours and Small Pockets and Wallets may take 1-2 hrs or more depending upon the cut of the fabric. My Small Pockets are for cash and cards.
♥♥♥STONES>> My Hand Painted Stones - For a change, I paint these in better weather outside. Please check back. Bookmark my site too. (I paint sleeping cats, flowers, lily pads, birds and ocean scenes.) Buy one for the home or office or as a gift. Use as paperweight gifts!
I love what I do! I do not know how long I will be making my items. It sure does take time to create them. When you make it yourself, you really do appreciate the work that is put into making the handmade items. Please Tell Your Friends about my shop!...and Happy Trails! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~~
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Thank you all for the 63..Treasury Listings. You can also view my own Treasury Listings under my Profile.
Please consider my items as gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Graduation, New Home or New Apartment or for any occasion!Sales depend upon me making more. I have put a lot of effort into making my items and keeping open my shop.
A special handmade item is 'worth a lot more' than store items since special care is taken in creating them. I hope you will find a keepsake from my shop for yourself or to give to your very BFF. Have a great day! Tell your friends! Check back!