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***Recrudescence items can be found at The Calico Beard and Mercantile, KCMO Oracle Fine Curiosities, KCMO Essential Goods in 825 Massachusetts St., Lawrence, KS***

Recrudescence offers 2 collections:

1)Archetypal, elegant, refashioned antique/vintage accoutrements inspired by the Victorian era. Specializing in late 1800-1970's European, Japanese and American glass and metal. Designed for the modern romantic.

2) Crude Beauty: Electroplated naturals and other peculiar objects

“I am currently working with the idea of relics and remnants of production. As we look to the future, what we find commonplace will become sacred. Preserving natural objects through electroplating read as a relics of the past. For example, in the future, a flower may not exist. It will become an object in a natural history museum rather than a living breathing organism. I am not trying to make a stance on environmental issues per se. But more so to sentiment. To appreciate what we have taken for granted in our sometimes self inundated lives. I am extending their life cycle. Once manipulated, plated and sealed, they become one of a kind preserved objects d’art. Each of these elements have a raw yet refined look when assembled as traveling adornment.”

History and Process: The electrochemistry process was invented in 1805 by an Italian chemist named Luigi V. Brugnatelli.
Electroplating is the application of electrolytic cells in which a thin layer of metal is deposited onto an electrically conductive surface ( In other words, a positive charge is attached to a piece of copper plate. A negative charge is attached to the object which is coated in conductive material. The positive (copper plate) and negative (conductive object) are submerged in an acid bath as particles are transferred. Items may take several hours or days to fully plate. Many of Recrudescence’s new “Crude Beauty” items incorporate copper electroplating in the design. Currently, Recrudescence only offers copper plated items.

Molten Metal-Yellow Brass, Red Brass, Copper and the "Crucible Crumbs"
In mass production, particularly of metal goods, beautiful and sometimes obscure remnants are left. These are simply tossed as refuse or recycled. These remnants are unseen to the masses. Only those who have in intimate relationships with the process recognize them. They are seen as remnants not to be utilized in a final product. To me these are part of a life cycle. Once polished and manipulated they become objects of adornment.

Men and women's adornment available. Bridal and special requests are welcome.
andrea [!at]

Andrea Minnette began making traveling adornment after returning from adventures in Chicago, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Northern California. Each move carried with it memories and sentiment of past lives; of her own and of others.
The idea of leaving one’s own footprint while collecting others past evolved into a passion. How have these objects traveled through time, carrying on in the physical world? Who has coveted them? Who has left them behind? The materials in reference range from discarded, patinated turn of the century costume jewelry to items deposited through natural processes, such as moss and dried seed pods. Time-worn materials find creative marriage and a second life in Recrudescence’s designs.
The name Recrudescence, to break out anew after a period of inactivity; specializes in handmade pieces inspired by designs of yore.
These one of a kind adornments will bring a classic and romantic feel to your wardrobe. Whether you wear the pieces casually or for special occasion, you can be assured not another in the room will have an identical piece.
Items made by Recrudescence include antique, vintage, new and found items. Many of the components you see at Recrudescence are limited. The exquisite glass and brass stampings are bought through auction from estates, individuals and dealers. Several are no longer being produced. Reproductions tend to be "lighter" weight and not of the same quality as their antique/vintage counterparts.

We will try my best to inform you of the components history when known.
The items listed are lovingly hand assembled. The components are artfully chosen to best suit their adjoining parts.

CUSTOM REQUESTS: Custom work is available. 50% of the total cost is required upon agreement of design. This is non-refundable. The remaining 50% is due upon completion. You will receive a link for payments.

*All items have been double coated to protect sensitive skin.

***Items will arrive in a safe and eco-friendly manner with delivery confirmation.
Large items will be sent in a kraft paper (100% post consumer-recycled/eco-fill)
reusable gift box. Small items will be sent in a pouch. Both sizes include feathers and moss cushioning.
I also use fully biodegradable and/or reusable poly mailers.****

*Shipping to Europe and Everywhere else is an estimate. PLEASE WAIT FOR CONFIRMATION BEFORE MAKING PAYMENT. It is the buyers responsibility to pay tariffs. Please be familiar with applicable taxes and tariffs for your country. For customs reasons, some packaging will be adjusted.

Thank you for stopping by and do not hesitate to ask any questions or leave us a comment-Recrudescence

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