redbrella's Shop Announcement

I want all of your Christmas orders to arrive in time. If you need your earrings to arrive in time for Christmas Day, please place your order by December 15th. If you are ordering after December 15th and need your order by Christmas, please contact me, and I can upgrade you to a faster shipping method for an additional charge. This applies to US orders only. Unfortunately international orders take between 2 and 4 weeks (up to 8+ weeks) to arrive.

Remember additional items all ship for free. No matter how many items you add to your cart, you will only be charged for whichever item had the highest shipping price. Your cart will automatically apply this discount. This is for domestic and international orders.

Right now my shop is mostly full of titanium earrings in all sorts of super fun prints. Why titanium you ask? Well I had my ears pierced originally when I was 11 or so. I had such a terrible reaction to metal, that I ended up having to have one of the earrings surgically removed, because my ear had swollen shut around the earring back. Later as an adult I really wanted to pierce my ears again, but was nervous about finding earrings that I would not react to. I was sooooo disappointed in the selection of earrings that I found. So many earrings say that they are for sensitive ears, but really aren't. I couldn't wear sterling silver, or stainless steal, or gold plated, or...... the list goes on. So what is a crafty girl to do - make her own! I researched it out and discovered titanium posts, tried them, and loved them! Now it's all that I wear. I had originally only planned on making them for myself, but listed them thinking there were more people like me out there, in search of fun earrings that really are for those of us with extreme metal sensitivities.

I am opening up a second shop called RedbrellaDestash I love sewing and craft supplies so much, that I have come to the realization that I can't keep it all haha.... so if you are looking for a deal on some extra supplies, I will be listing fabrics, buttons, trims, scrapbook stuff, and LOTS of patterns. It should be up very soon.

I have found that I am pretty addicted to instagram. I take pictures from my life, cool things that I see, some of my original artwork, and some fun shop stuff too. My username is redbrellas.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.