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Pre WWII Japanese Egg Coddlers
Vintage passion
Smal pretties!
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Hawaii....the World!

Hawaii definitely is a wonderful place to grow up and live in. However the challenges of living in one of the most remote places in the world has definite effects on the ability to run a small retail business. Tourist income is wonderful, if one can afford the cost of a storefront in one of the toughest economies in the nation!

Enter ETSY! They turned my passion for collecting, gathering and creating into a dream come true. It is so rewarding being able to take Hawaii global! After all, we Hawaiians have always been voyagers.

I welcome you into my world and hope that you will make it a part of yours! With much Aloha...Me ke aloha pumehana...Connie
Connie Haskell
owner, curator, photographer
I have always loved things from days gone bye. Hawaii is the perfect place for finding unique and unusual collectibles from all corners of the world...and I just love passing them on to you! Out with the old and in with the old..that's my motto!