reekinghavok's Shop Announcement

Hi Fellow Etsy Fans,

My name is Katherine and welcome to my shop "Bold Inspirations." My handle is reekinghavok which is named for my cat, Havok. My cat Odin is the one in the picture with me. It's all about the cats after all.

I love art and have been doing different forms throughout my life. I have no formal training. I draw, paint, sculpt, do beadwork, do what I call 'trash art,' and write books. For me art is a healing process and on this site I have offered beaded necklaces and supplies. I'm not the best photographer so if you need more and better pictures of an item I will gladly do my best. I'll update photos to try to get rid of the blurries.

Each piece is special and one of a kind, like snowflakes and the stones themselves. The term "Frankensteining" refers to taking unrelated items, pieces, parts, and reassembling them into a new form.

The antique seed beads that I work with are 50+ years old and have not been previously used. I will specify if the seed beads in a specific piece are new or antique. I am listing supplies, beads, pendants, etc on the site due to having accumulated more than I can possibly use in three lifetimes. These pieces are listed at cost so that others can enjoy them.

I am not a gemologist and stones were identified to me by the sellers at time of purchase. The pieces identified as sterling silver are marked .925 and the copper pieces were purchased with the understanding that the pieces were as described by the seller. Most of these pieces were purchased sometime ago (7 to 11 years ago) and are unused, unworn, new condition. Stones made with sterling were much cheaper back then. I am selling them for those same prices. I in no way wish to misrepresent any of these products. These items are represented as accurately as possible with no intent of deception or fraud.

Any order over $50 will be insured at no additional charge.

Thank you for looking and shopping at "Bold Inspirations."

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.