repeacegoods' Shop Announcement

Welcome to RePeaceGoods where all our products are hand made, using 100% recycled, material! It all started as a means to produce new items out of reclaimed ones. Our main goal is to reduce our impact on the environment in every corner of our lives, whether it's to eat simple, whole, local foods, or be out in nature, in its rawest state, and breathe the fresh air. We've created a way to give salvaged materials a second chance at life, in order to reduce the use of new, virgin materials.

Our focus is on practical, everyday functional art, made with the smallest impact on the planet. There are no patterns used, so each one is truely unique and individual. All of our fabrics come from salvaged garments, prewashed before they are deconstructed and formed into a new piece. They are all washed in solar heated hot water, biodegradable detergent and line dried, in order to reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint.

With the RePeaceGoods that we create, we try to use as many materials as we can that are destined for the landfill, or headed off to other countries for redistribution or disposal. We want to keep the locally purchased second hand clothing right here in the United States, in our own communities. The majority of garments are purchased from community thrift stores, where the money goes to help support local charities, so when you purchase a RePeaceGood, you are supporting them too.

Each RePeaced Good comes with its own story of origin card, giving you a brief history of where the fabrics and buttons were found, and is truly one of a kind.

Reduce, Reuse, Remake...RePeace.
Enjoy our shop!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.