resinandwoodworld's Shop Announcement

Handcrafted jewelry and artwork made from recycled surfboard resin and exotic types of wood found worldwide.

I've enjoyed doing woodwork for well over twenty years now , but then a little over eight years ago I went to work at my nephew’s surfboard factory and this opened up a whole new medium to work with.
We noticed that during the glassing of the surfboards that the different colored resins dripping off the surfboards into a catch basin would mix together producing some very colorful patterns. After a while the resin in the catch basin would get very thick and would have to be broken up. Now Instead of discarding this old hardened resin, I collect and recycle it into beautiful and unique jewelry.

“A man who works with his hands is a labor. A man who works with his hand and his brain is a craftsman. But a man who works with his hands, brain and his heart is an artist” Louis Nizer

Thanks for visiting my shop, I hope you enjoy

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