revamped39's Shop Announcement

Wow! So far it's been a fun ride. I will be restocking the shop a little every week. Things sometimes get scooped up real fast so come often. You can also visit my facebook page by the same name "Little Shop For Hoarders" in Buffalo New York.

For those of you who are first time guests, here is my story:

Borne of boredom & a love to shop for all things Vintage I bring you revamped39s Little Shop For Hoarders.Home of the reused,restyled,resold and my latest Retro-Reinterpreted. The store where vintage never gets old.

This is YOUR place to purchase vintage housewares,clothing,textiles & decor. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better,voila, my line of vintage "reproduction" chalk ware. I use the term reproduction loosely because not one of my creations is exactly like the original it was inspired by.As a matter of fact most are a far cry from it.

Yep, I was recycling before recycling was Cool. Sometimes I pick up a battered orphan from the local thrift shop, flea market, or auction for no other reason but to give it a new life. I drag whatever-it-is home where it is either swapped out for another piece or repaired,”upcycled”(my least favorite buzz word) or resold to someone who can love it despite its imperfections.

It’s a great hobby but I seem to be running low on capital. So,in order to keep on offering unique items to others with an appreciation for all that is Retro,Kustom, or just downright cool, I embarked on a new journey: Reproduction vintage chalk ware for sale: Reasonable in price so it’s affordable to the Kulture that holds it dear, but priced so I can continue to offer new items . “Aspiring Artist in search of Capital” so to speak.

With the confidence that some kindred spirit will find my offerings worthy of the dime, I introduced the Revamped 39/Barbie K line of chalkware.Sometimes I purchase a mold but more frequently than not, I create the molds from an original, pour the plaster in my very own kitchen & paint them the best I know how. They are not as perfect as a manufactured article, but that just lends to their Vintage Charm. Custom orders are always welcome and there is always a discount for multiple purchases.

Stay tuned more to come. Oh & to see more of my mermaids, go to: under new arrivals or the Barbie K listing under brands for more info on how I climbed on this crazy ride!