rhodaperdition's Shop Announcement

Rhoda Perdition is your source for handmade greeting cards that are groan-inducing, punny, cheeky, cute, in questionable taste, or just disgraceful! Perfect for roller derby folk, accordionists, lesbians, pirates, or people you need to thank.

Most cards in the shop measure roughly 4.5"x5.3" and come with envelopes. Some cards have strange dimensions, so their size may seem irregular, but rest assured it will fit in the envelope included.

Recently added are 13"x19" matte finish art prints- You put them on your wall, or in a drawer if you're crazy!

I usually like to ship within 24 hours, but can't *always* fill orders that quickly, especially if they're to be shipped internationally. If your order isn't shipped the same day, it will most likely be shipped the next.