rightturnartwerks' Shop Announcement

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This is my work and it is all handcrafted. I create all of the lampwork and ceramics. First came working with metal, and I have been doing that for thirty years. Lampworking came about when I couldn’t find the right color or right sized piece of glass for a piece I was creating. I wasn’t going to let a concept be my undoing so a new skill set was acquired...and that was over fifteen years ago. Whew, that being said, what you get is a Self-Representing Artist with some well practiced talents. Much later came the clay - and since glaze is glass is binder I thought - why not....

No, it’s not me in the car,...yet! But, there is a unique story behind the name. Check out the profile. Have you ever driven somewhere without turning left?

Currently I'm not taking any special orders - It's time to build the shop inventory back up.

I continually update my blog with fun bead info and jewelry tips. Check for postings twice a week! Get to know the artist behind the work:

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.