rinamiriam's Shop Announcement

Hello! Welcome to Rina's shop ♡ Rina Miriam Drescher is an artist offering original paintings, drawings, and other colorful one-of-a-kind artworks for sale directly from her painting studio in Rochester, NY USA.


"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art." - Paul Cezanne

"When I think of art I think of beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eye it is in the mind. In our minds there is awareness of perfection." - Agnes Martin

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." - Aristotle

"In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rina finds these statements important, and wanted to share them, because they touch on the idea of painting as a means of expressing emotions and thoughts that otherwise stay silent, and that spend the entirety of their existence beyond language.


All Images © Rina Miriam Drescher 2000-2015

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