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**NO SHIPPING ON MONDAY MAY 25th as it is a HOLIDAY. I will not be in the shop this weekend to answer questions, any convos sent I will respond to NEXT WEEK**** Welcome kindred souls, I am so happy you stopped by. I'm just a Mama housewitch sharing my luv and good juju with the world....take your time, absorb the energy and stay awhile! **PLEASE READ SHIPPING POLICY BEFORE ORDERING**


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***PLEASE, pretty please*** review my shop policies on SHIPPING and payment before ordering. PLEASE*** I have a 7 to 14 day order processing policy, PLEASE check your invoice for your estimated ship date and read my shipping policy on delivery times. THANK YOU.

EVERYONE is welcome here. My items are not based on any dogmatic religious worship, I take what resonates spiritually from any and all religions and create the most magically potent items I can. I don't believe in any one knowledge, I believe in all knowledge, and knowledge as power, and open my mind to all beliefs. I am a nature luver and a luver of anything that makes me feel inspired. You do not have to specifically be wiccan, pagan, a magical practitioner or anything of the sort to use my products, they are made for everyone. If you are here, you are here for a reason, listen to your inner voice, instincts and what you are drawn too and bring some of Rita's good juju into your life…I promise you won't be sorry. Need further convincing? Check out my feedback :)
My items are designed to bring your own energy to it's highest potential and to help you increase your awareness of the potential of your own individual capabilities and all the magic around you.

Need help in LUV? Need more MONEY? Need help to get a JOB? Need an URGENT prayer answered? Need some HEALING energies? Need to REMOVE AN OBSTACLE? Need to BANISH some bad energy or person? Need more SELF CONFIDENCE? This is your one stop shop..and if for some reason I do not have what you need, convo me and I will custom make you what you need!

PLEASE NOTE ALL of my products are hand made, so if the batch you receive, for example in incense, floor sweep, CBP etc. does not look exactly like the picture, rest assured you are still getting the right product. Sometimes it may appear darker or lighter depending on my throw of the botanicals I put in. ALLOW FOR VARIATIONS in ALL hand made products.

I will not respond to rude, aggressive or absurd convos, so don't even waste your time writing one, they will be sent to spam. Thank you.

CAUTION: Perfume oils, spiritual mists, washes and soaps are NOT for consumption. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. No liability will be assumed by Rita’s Spiritual Goods for any claims arising out of the misuse or otherwise of Perfume oils, Spiritual Mists and Soaps or any other product sold or made by Rita’s Spiritual Goods.

Please keep all perfume oils, spiritual mists, washes, soaps and any fragrance products out of reach of children and away from pets. If you are pregnant or nursing a baby, have heart disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, or have any medical condition that can be affected by perfume oils or fragrances, please seek the advice of a health professional before using any of these products. Fragrance products cause dermatitis in some people with sensitive skin. By reading and purchasing this product, you release Rita’s Spiritual Goods from any liability arising out of use of this product.

Skin test all products before using. Apply a small amount, about a drop or less, to the skin on your inner arm. Do not use if redness or irritation occurs. Keep all perfume oils and fragrance products away from eyes and mucous membranes. If redness, burning, itching or irritation occurs, stop using product immediately and consult your medical provider. If irritation does occur then wash with soap and water to clean the affected area, if self treatment is not effective consult your medical provider.

**Use caution when burning candles, never leave a fire unattended. Rita’s Spiritual Goods shall not be held responsible for any injuries, damages resulting from the use of purchasing this product. Purchasing this product signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases Rita’s Spiritual Goods from all liability.

© Rita’s Spiritual Goods 2009. No part of the content, designs, images, product trade name(s), trade product design(s) and product(s) can be used without prior express written permission. All rights reserved.

***all items sold as curio only***

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Below are wonderful etsy-ians who, like me, take great pride in ORIGINAL works and ETHICAL practice. Good girls, good practice, good karma. I ♥ them, and you will too, check them out today!


And THANK YOU RITA, as always you are so much more than just a good parking spot!

Much luv,
Mia @ Rita's