Your journey to a mindful, organized & productive life

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Your journey to a mindful, organized & productive life

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Creative worksheets for a mindful, organized and productive life.

How I became more mindful, organized and productive:

One of the most important lessons I learned from writing and planning in my bullet journal is that when you put your thoughts onto paper your mind will subconsciously start to focus on taking action. If you're anything like me your mind if full of ideas, dreams and lovely thoughts, but it's also full of unnecessary clutter. Sometimes my head is so full of clutter I can't think straight, and my ideas and dreams end up somewhere in the back of my mind.

When I started writing in my bullet journal I mostly created planners and to-do lists. This small action helped me to project the inside of my brain onto paper so I could look at it from a distance, without all the noise and clutter flying around in my mind. Seeing this information in front of me made feel much clearer on what I needed to do to achieve my goals.

After a couple of months I also started to add additional lists, brainstorm sessions, travel plans and other creative spreads that help me feel clear, organized and productive. It has made a huge difference in my life.

This process of writing and creating in my bullet journal inspired me to design my own digital printables so everyone can discover the benefits of putting the inside of their brains onto paper.

What are you doing to get where you want to be?

Bon Voyage on your own Roadmap Journey!

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