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Hi everybody,

Welcome to my odd-bunny store, where you can possibly locate long lost 2nd cousins (twice removed) from the bunny world. Maybe I saw your picture on Facebook or Myspace, and decided to draw you into a bunny... You never know! :)

My bunnies are generally very confused creatures. They are usually in the process of transforming in or out of Bunny Biology. For instance, my bikini-clad goddess just discovered her bunny tail, and is experiencing intense satisfaction. My meth-bunny has succumbed to human frailties, and is therefore slipping out of the superior Rabbit Realm. Warm-weather snow bunny is just plain tickled, exploring her Hare Heaven. Queen bunny has reached the pinnacle of her world, and has therefore undergone the penultimate transformation of Cottontail Coronation.

I recently took up drawing these odd, misunderstood creatures with India Ink, after a 15-year furlough from the medium. I originally did most of my drawings in charcoal, but I find that India Ink has that perfect contrast, consistency and sharpness of detail that I was never able to achieve in charcoal. I also do work with oil paint. I will be putting up some of that soon. For now, I have several India Ink drawings that I would love for you to browse.

I hope that in exploring my store, you can also discover your Inner-Credible Cottontail.

If you have ideas for bunnies you think I should draw (I know, Obama is next...) please email me and let me know.

>>> furry hugs and Godspeed. . . . . . . .