Beautiful, tactile and functional wood fired pots

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The comforting feel of a warm hand-thrown mug of coffee, tea or hot chocolate on a cold morning, the lovely way a favorite recipe looks served in a handmade bowl, these are experiences that can make one's day a little better. And when that bowl is washed and sitting at its place on the shelf or table, it continues to function as art to be enjoyed visually for its form, color or pattern. My pots are meant for everyday use, dishwasher and microwave safe

Both wood firing and wood fired salt glazing are 'atmospheric' methods. In this kind of firing very fine wood ash and volatile chemicals released by the burning wood travel through the kiln carried by the draft and leave their mark on the clay and glaze. These marks can take many forms, from a gentle blush on the clay, to bright fire flashing and vapor glazing. Near the firebox, wood ash melts on the clay to form a natural ash glaze which can be anywhere from a slight sheen to rivulets and drips of runny glaze. You can read a pot's firing story by looking for the flame path and the kind and amount of glazing or fire flashing it has developed. The anagama is fired for five days and the wood/salt for one day.

For me as a potter, firing with wood means letting go of some control and trusting the final color, texture and pattern of the pot to the kiln and the firing. This assures that each piece is unique and unrepeatable. Losses can be high, but there are always a few pieces that surpass expectations and they make up for all the hard work. It is these favorite pieces that I present here on Etsy.