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Rollerprint Patterns™ are paper patterns that are laser cut with low relief textures and designs. They have been designed for use with the roller-printing process. The jeweler uses the laser cut paper to transfer design or textures onto sheet metal using a rolling mill. Although the paper patterns are designed for use with sheet metal they have been found to be useful at patterning other mediums such as metal clay.

The artwork in our patterns originate from drawings, photographs, antique engravings, clip art, computer generated and public domain images.

The patterns are intended for one time use when used with sheet metal. If the correct pressure is used the pattern will be completely flattened after being sent through the rolling mill. The patterns can be used multiple times when patterning metal clay.

What are the advantages of using paper to texture metal vs. other patterning materials?

•The paper itself creates a very pleasing background texture in the metal.

•The cost of our paper patterns is very reasonable. When considering the total cost of fabricating a piece of jewelry the added cost of the pattern is only 36¢ per square inch.

•Paper patterns offer access to a variety of textures for your work. Unlike metal patterns, a paper pattern can be easily cut into sections. Those sections can be used individually or joined together to create a one of a kind pattern. Purchased metal patterns are often more expensive and have to be used multiple times to justify the cost. If you are working with a limited budget the cost of a metal pattern can limit your design possibilities.

•The cost for shipping is kept low because of the size, flexibility and weight of the paper.
This is especially important for keeping shipping costs as low as possible for international purchases.

•Paper has a uniform thickness. If you were to roll a piece of gauze, the material may have imperfections and variations in thickness. These qualities can sometimes ruin the print transfer by creating areas of uneven pressure which result in poor or unpredictable patterning. However, a photograph of gauze that is made into a laser cut pattern will have a very predictable outcome every time you use it. All of which reduces waste of materials, metal and time.

•Current RMR patterns available for sale can be modified to suit your taste or project. For example, patterns can be enlarged, reduced, reversed, inverted or modified. Modification can include selecting a portion of an existing design that meets your specific taste or project needs. This portion can be repeated to fill a pattern card eliminating the designs that you do not need. There is no charge for modifying a design but if the pattern size itself is altered the pricing will be based on the 36¢ per square inch.

•Your designs can be made into custom patterns for a one time set-up fee of $12 dollars. The cost of the pattern is only 36¢ per square inch.
* By uploading or submitting an image/file, you are certifying that you own the right to use and
distribute that image.

Feel free to message me with any suggestions, questions or concerns.

Keep on Rollin' ~Tracey

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Last Updated February 3, 2011