rolloverleatherworks' Shop Announcement

**Due to Several Recent Attempts to Scam us and to many to count over the years I wanted to share this information below.**

When a Customer Tries to scam us by saying that we made the neck size wrong or spelled the name wrong or made the collar the wrong color on a custom name collar when we didn`t. Wanting and expecting a full refund or us to make you another collar at our expense.
Saying your package didn`t arrive when it did.
This is called THEFT and FRAUD.
We take this very seriously and this will Not be Tolerated.

WE take pictures of Every Order we make next to the ruler to show accurate size and measurement is correct before sending out the order.
We take great pride in our work and pay attention to getting every detail correct.
This is what we do for a living. We make sure we get it right.

We do not offer a tracking number with our Standard $10 air mail But Canada Post will BACK TRACK the package all the way back to you to see what happened to the package should it mysteriously not arrive.
A Refund will NOT be Given Right Away.
We will file an insurance claim and there will be an investigation before any refunds will be given.
It is Extremely Rare that a package actually does mysteriously go missing.
It is less than .15 of 1 % and we ship thousands of packages around the world.
This immediately sends a Red Flag.

***We have the Right to CANCEL a SALE with Anyone who is Unable to Conduct Themselves in a Kind, Humane, Normal, Sane Manner!!***


Our products were seen at the 2009 Emmy Gift Suites.

We hold Three Patents since 2009 for the following:
Roman Ring with Snaps on Inside or Outside the Collar, Both Sides.
Quick Release with Snaps on Inside or Outside of Collar, Both Sides.
Martingale with Snaps on the Inside or Outside of Collar, Both Sides.
This includes right side up or right side down.
We work continuously hard everyday to work on new design and protect our patents and designs from being COPIED.
The patents include attaching the snaps to the inside and outside of the collar.

We are a small family operated home based business.
All our items are 100% Hand Made from Scratch.
We take pride in keeping all of our designs original and unique.
We make Collars and Leashes that are Extremely Durable, Fashionable and Affordable.

***There is no worry of threads or rivets to come undone.***
***All hardware is Secure with Solid Steel Machine Thread Chicago Screws.***

We start with a Natural Hide of Leather or Latigo Leather. The Leather is cut into strips and then carved, stamped, oiled, colored and finished with your choice of hardware and decoration.
Each step requires 24 hours of drying time in between.
Some Colors take up to 8 applications.
Our process is done OLD SCHOOL in 14 steps over 14 to 20 days. These steps are tried and true, dating back through three generations of Leather Crafters.

We test all of our Designs for a minimum of 3 months for Strength, Durability and Overall Appearance.
Our Test models are our Dutch Shepherd Jazzmine Blanca Werbicki AKA "HURRICANE JAZZY" and our German Shepherd Tinder Von Hans Tigerstrom AKA "THE TIN MAN".
There is allot of teeth gnashing and rolling around on the ground during the testing of our product.
Many Collar and Leash Designs do not make the cut.
They are extremely rough on the Collars and Leashes!!!!

We use Only Super Strong Buckles and Hardware .
We Use Machine Thread Steel Chicago Screws with Crazy Glue for Everything We Make out of Leather .


This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.