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Thank you for coming to visit my shop. This is my second shop on Etsy! Dedicated to Botanicals. In this shop you can expect tinctures, medicinal oils and salves, smoke blends and overall products for vibrant health and healing. I have a deep rooted passion for plants and their healing powers. All of the herbs in my products are organically grown or wildcrafted, most of the time by me. I use certified organic grain alcohol in all of my extracts. I hope you enjoy my creations and feel free to ask any and all questions!

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What sets my herbal extracts and blends apart from others-

I strive to deliver you the highest quality herbal blends that are sustainably and organically grown or wildcrafted (most of the time by me). Once in a while I get a customer that asks why one of my extracts is priced higher than another herbalist's, why I do fresh extractions, why I don't use more exotic plants in my blends (Ashwaganda, Cacao, Kava..), or just what sets me apart… This is why:

I use organic, non GMO, grain alcohol. This is perhaps the most important thing I do differently. I have noticed many herbal extracts have a base of Vodka or some other generic grain alcohol- usually the cheapest bottle at the liquor store. This is not medicine! It will extract the alcohol soluble constituents from the plants but it will also extract any pesticides that were used on the grains/potatoes used to manufacture the alcohol. Even scarier is that many of these grains used to produce the alcohol are GMO! Please be very serious about sourcing extracts made from ORGANIC ALCOHOL. By supporting organic alcohol you are saying no to conventional farming; pesticides and GMO's- vote with your dollar, and be healthy!

Most of my extracts are made FRESH. I believe that the essence of the plant is alive and when you do a fresh extraction you are extracting that plants unique vibrant energy! This also forces me to do extracts seasonally, when the plant is at its prime for harvest and the energies of the world have aligned perfectly to create a balanced medicine. I highly recommend fresh extractions, they preserve the life of the plant and the active constituents that are highly sensitive to heat, light and air. Some plants extract better when dried (Burdock, Juniper Berries, Yerba Santa…) and in this case I will harvest the plant at the appropriate time, dry the herb and extract immediately.

I believe in using herbs that are found in our environment. While I love and appreciate many Eastern herbs used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, or South American plants found deep in the Amazon, they are not most of our local medicine. I believe in and advocate eating local foods and supporting your local farmer- this is exactly the same. I also believe that our bodies have adapted to our regions and our bodies have a symbiotic relationship with both the plants in the area and the pathogens/bacteria that threaten us everyday. Plants are smarter than most think and they have evolved over thousands of years to be our perfect medicine for our specific environment. The best, most effective medicine is often found right below your feet. Many herbs- even organic herbs that are ordered from far off places have questionable ways of producing, harvesting and processing. Being a super small business it is nearly impossible for me to sustainably and ethically source these herbs from far off lands. Even if I could, it is not a sustainable choice. I choose to not work with these plants or to grow my own to ensure the quality and vitality of the plant medicine. Some examples that I grew last year: Tulsi/Holy Basil, Brahmi, Gotu Kola and Cayenne.

I grow or wildcraft 90% of the herbs I offer and I strive to make that 100%! It is very important for me to participate in the whole cycle of making plant medicine. Planting the seeds, watering the plants or going out into nature to find them in their natural habitats. I feel a higher level of assurance knowing 100% where the plants came from and the care taken while processing. As I mentioned before, many herbs (even organic), ordered from far off lands can sit in warehouses for YEARS before getting shipped to the United States and sold to your local herb vendor. Plant material degrades over time and especially when not stored properly. Also, many of the countries with the plants we love the most have unfair labor laws or none at all. Some even use child labor/slaves to produce the herbs/products in high demand. They also might be clear cutting rain forests and destroying natural eco-systems to mass produce these plants. Please make sure you know where your herbs are coming from and the standards used to produce them. Very important not just for the quality but also for human rights and our environment.

So please, take these points into consideration when choosing to support my little business, these are the principles that you will be supporting, I thank you and i think the earth and your body will too. I wish you happy healing and good health!

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